IOT Based Remote Monitoring & Controlling System

RFID Solution

Simple, Safe, Secure

Each student is issued a unique RFID card to carry. Everything held is automatic. As the student passes the RFID reader upon entering or leaving the school bus, the time, date and location is logged and transmitted to a secure database.

Passive RFID - The card works without a battery. The reader does the work so its safe, low cost and reliable.

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Real -Time Answer

The data is accessed via a web-browser within Elint System's application where accurate information is available to answer parent and administrators's questions accurately and cost-effectively.

Web_Based Reporting - Stamps time and date for all loading and unloading activities by student.

Bus_Report - Provides all student rider-ship data by bus.

Improves Safety and Efficiency

School officials can quickly and easily track students entering and leaving buses and be in the best position to answer parents's questions. Elint System has made student tracking easy, secure and affordable.

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