IOT Based Remote Monitoring & Controlling System

Fuel Sensor transmits data on current fuel level to a GPS tracker.

The user gets information on fuel events on a particular vehicle in a form of graphics and tables.

Fuel Level Sensors For Fuel Tanker Truck

Fuel Level Sensor is designed for the precision fuel level measurement in all kinds of vehicles tanks, also in tanks of fixed installations.

It is used as a standard fuel level sensor or as an additional sensor to be used with tank monitoring systems or vehicle tracking systems.

It has a part of telematics system is used

To obtain the raliable information about current fuel volume in vehicle tank.

To define the vehicle fueling volume.

To carry out the remote tank monitoring.

To determine the fuel consumption.

Road Fuel Tanker Monitoring (Fuel Tanker Truck)

Allow in high accuracy in full automatic mode fixing and logging fuel level of fuel in each section (tanks) of a tanker truck that allow to have the realistic and detailed information about fuel volume in tanks, fuel loading and draining. System allow in electronic maps displays location of fuel level changes. System logs road tanker trucks, location, stops, mileage, speed, idle, time, trip time, tanker truck, real fuel consumption (fueling and draining), that gives you the best control of your tanker fleet and drivers.

Fuel Tanker Monitoring

Detailed and precision information about fuel level in each fuel section, points of fuel changes.

Detailed information about truck routes consumption, fueling and draining.

Detailed information about driver activity.

Detailed fuel history for each fuel compartment (fuel tank)

To detect the fuel theft from the tank.